Bulma is the second character to be introduced in the first Dragon Ball series'. With an explosive temper and a short fuse, Bulma is the kind of person who always screams at everyone and gets on people's nerves. Nevertheless, without Bulma, the Z warriors would have suffered tremendously without her technical expertise.


Chaozu is Tien's best friend. Chaozu is still easily stronger than any normal human. Chaozu has the power of telepathy and the ability to freeze and move his enemies if he concentrates hard enough. Although he puts up a good fight in the original Dragon ball series, his power level does not increase much with training; thus he is unable to keep up with the other Z warriors.


The lone survivor of his village, Dende was rescued by Kuririn and Gohan. Dende was the one who created the second Earth set of dragon balls allowing three wishes to be made at a time. Dende also holds the power to heal the injured and to bring the dead back to life. He later became the God of earth.


Gogeta is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta without the Potarra earrings. Gogeta is without a dout the strongest warrior in all the DBZ-GT series. Gogeta doesn't waste a moment in battle, quite different from Gotenks and Vegetto.


The first son of Goku, Gohan is an extremely bright boy with great powers. Though he first started off relatively weak, he soon became stronger than even his father when he learned to control his powers. He looks up to Piccolo for being such a great fighter, and trys to immitate him by wearing similar clothes. Gohan is also the first Saiyan to ever reach Super-Saiyan 2. Gohan is mixed human and Saiyan, which makes him inherently more powerful than his father. He probably has the most potential over all of the Z warriors to be the strongest. Gohan later marries Mister Satan's daughter, Videl and together they have Pan, their daughter.


He is father of Gohan and Goten, also married to Chi Chi. Son Goku is the main character in the Dragonball series. Goku is a member of the fighting race the Saiyan (Saiya-jin) from planet Vegeta. Goku believes himself to be a human being until the beginning of the Z series. During the battle of Freeza, Goku was the first to inherited the ability to change into the legendary Super Saiyan. Goku becomes one of the most powerful warriors in the universe.


The second child of Son Goku and Chi Chi. Goten exhibits great potential when becoming a Super Saiyan at an early age. He bears a very strong resemblance of Goku; and wears a miniture version of Goku's karate Gi. Because he was born months after Gokou died in the Cell Saga, Goten never saw his father until he was seven. Being one of the few people who are able to fuse, Goten can become extremely powerful when he fights with his best friend, Trunks (chibi). He and Trunks become good friends and are always causing trouble between the two of them.


Gotenk is a fusion of Chibi Trunks and Chibi Gotenk after performing the fusion dance. Gotenks is young and extremely naive, he thinks he can beat anyone. Most of his attacks are incredibly stupid and he make's up names for all of them. Despite all that he sometimes comes up with good attack which are very powerful.

Android 16

Android #16 seems deeper and more complex than most characters on the show. He was also created by Dr. Gero as an experiment. Android #16 is not really an android because he is all machine. He is the most powerful of the three androids. Like #8 he is peaceful and quiet. He almost defeated cell, but because cell absorbed #17, he was not able to. Also because of he death Gohan goes SSJ2 for the first time.

Android 17

Like all the androids,#17's mission is to destroy Goku. He has human components as well as mechanical. #17 breaks free of Dr. Gero control and kills him. Despite that his programing was still to kill Son Goku. In GT Dr. Gero broke out of hell, and able to control #17. He the merged #17 with another #17 he created in hell. This formed Supper #17.

Android 18

#18 is sister of #18 , they had the same power level. Krillin falls in love with her and saves her life. After the Cell Game Krillin wished her to be human. They later marry and had a daughter named Marron.

Android 19

Android #19 is Dr. Gero's personal bodyguard. He possesses the ability to take the Ki from energy attacks and contact. #19 was easily destroyed by vegeta.


The son of the creator of Buu, Babidi controlled Buu and with him caused the death of two Kaios. Buu turns on Babidi when he realizes that there's no reason to listen to him.


A powerful monster who has the ability to fuse with anyone on will, Bebi could instantly possess any strong being and take over their body. Introduced as the first major saga in the GT series, Bebi held several forms including Bebi, Super Bebi, Ultimate Bebi, and Oozaru

Bebi vegeta

He was created when Bebi took over Vegeta's body. He is one of the most powerful villains in the GT series. He defeated Super Saiyan 3 Goku and numerous occasions. Goku was unable to beat Bebi - Vegeta until he when SSJ4, but with the help of Bulma Bebi - Vegeta turned into the Great Ape and put up a great fight, but was eventually defeated by Goku.


Bojack is a very strong green guy who escaped from his captivity. He is the main villain is movie 9. Bojack takes over a martial arts contest and beats on the Z warriors. His only mistake was making Gohan mad, because of that Gohan when Super Saiyan 2 and easily destroyed him.


Being the legendary Super Saiyan, Brolly is an average looking saiyan until he goes Ultra Saiyan. At birth he had a power level of 10,000. When Planet Vegeta is destroyed by Freeza, it is this power that keep him and his father alive. Before his home planet's destruction, he is traumatized by the constant crying of his crib mate, Goku, and develops an instinctual hatred of him. Years later, Brolli begins his rampage on the universe under his father's command. Once Ultra Saiyan, Brolly's body becomes huge and very muscular. He is most likely the strongest Saiyan in the universe. In order to divert suspicion, Brolli's father actually employs the help of Vegeta and the rest of the Z warriors to find the cause of all this chaos. Brolli's grudge against Goku reveals the plot however, and after the battle Brolli is thought to be destroyed. Because of this Brolli has a competitive hatred for Goku. Brolli made appearances in Movie 8, 10 and 11. Brolli was defeated in battle three times by all the Super Saiyan Zwarriors before he was gone for good.


A genetically created monster made from the DNA and cells of various fighters, Cell is the second strongest enemy in the Z series. Created by Dr. Gero (creator of the androids), Cell was originally made to help Gero take revenge on Goku. Cell is a very powerful villian from DBZ, and is even more powerful than Goku in his best health. In order to become Perfect Cell, he needs to absorb Androids number 17 and 18. Cell likes to fight, he even encourages Goku to eat Senzu beans so they could continue to battle. Once Cell is exposed to fighters or attacks long enough, he is sometimes able to then gain the fighting skill of the fighter.


The leader of the underworld's demons and the Prince of darkness, Dabura was known to be the 'Devil' himself. Charmed by Babidi, he is the primary fighter in Babidi's legion. Dabura can change his enemies into stone, and will not hesitate to obey his master's commands.


Dodoria is a huge pink fighter who shows absolutely no mercy to those weaker than him. Although he is fairly strong for the time he is around, he is no match for Vegeta.

Dr. Gero

This is Dr. Gero his self, well his mind anyway. HE is the leader of the Red Ribbon Army. His only disaer to creat the ultimat android. He implanted his mind in one of his androids shells, and becomes #20. Dr. Gero is responsible for the creation of Cell and all the other androids.


A strange but powerful being, Freeza was the strongest enemy in the early Z series but became one of the weakest by the end of the series.