Dragonball Z
The Say-jin Saga opens when Raditz (Goukus brother) lands on earth only to find out that Gouku did not do his job by clearing earth out so it can be sold. Raditz tracks down Gouku and takes Gohan hostage until Gouku changes his mind about returning to the evil side. Of course our tailless superhero refuses, and the fighting begins. Piccolo (Goukus enemy) decides to help too. After many hours of fighting Gouku gets hold of Raditz tail (his weak point) and Piccolo fires a massive shot which not only destroys Raditz, but also Gouku. Before Raditz passes away, Piccolo brags about the dragonballs and how they can get Gouku back, this seems to be a careless error since Raditz is wearing his scouter that can send messages to other people who are wearing it, and before you know it, Nappa and Vegeta get word of it. They pack their stuff and off to Earth. Raditz warns the earthlings that in 1 year, the two Saya-jins will arrive, which are more powerful than him.

With Gouku gone, Piccolo sees the hidden powers inside of Gohan and decides to train him. Gouku gets permision from King Yama to go to King Kai`s place to train for the Saya-jins, the only catch is: its a 10000 mile walk!! At the same time, Yajirobe invites Tien, Chaozu, Yamcha, and Krillin to train at Kami-samas lookout point.

After many months of running, Goku finally reaches King Kai`s little planet. He soon finds out that the planet has a much higher gravity level than earth (ten times as much!!!). Gouku also discovers the more or less "odd" training methodes of King Kai (not to forget to mention his very lame jokes). Goukus first task is to catch King Kai`s pet monkey Bubbles, which is rather hard since Bubbles is already used to the higher gravity level. After two months of running Gouku finaly tricks bubbles, and catches him. Goukus second task is to hit Gregory (a cricket looking creature) with a hammer on the head.

As Gouku is improving his skills, he finally mannages to whack Gregory on the head! But before Gouku gets to begin his training, he also discovers that the only thing bigger than King Kais ambition to train Gouku, is his appetite for food every twenty minutes :)

While Gouku is having a good time with King Kai, Gohan is working his @$$ of with Piccolo. The same could be said about Krillin, Chaozu, Tien and Yamcha who are facing two Saya-jins in a dream like world. Their training is nearing completion.........

Sayajin Saga cont
(The Arrival of Nappa and Vegeta)

Now that the Z fighters are back on earth (with the exception of Gouku) they wait for the arrival of the Saya-jins. Vegeta and Nappa make their spectacular entrance by blowing away half the city they land in. Before The Z fighters can arrive to the scene, guess who made it first.... THE PRESS!!!!

Now with half the city burning and the earths Navy sunk at the bottom of the sea by Nappa, the Z fighters are outnumbered by Saibamens (which again are planted by Nappa, here's the recipy: half a dozen saibamen seeds, and a cup of water = Instant Saibamen).
Tien is the first one to try his luck on the first Saibamen.... and wins!!!! Soon Yamcha also jumps in and destroyes another Saibamen. Knowing that Yamcha is the strongest fighter at this point, one of the Saibamen grabs him and does a suicide move :(
Even with the loss of Yamcha, the rest of the Z fighters take out the rest of Saibamen. Vegeta now growing impatient, he sends Nappa to fight the Z fighters. Tien and Chauzo both sacrifice their lives trying to defeat Nappa. Despite their effort, it has no effect on the more powerfull Saya-jin. Now only Krillin, Piccolo, and Gohan are left and Vegeta decides to spare their lives for three hours while they wait for Gouku.

Vegeta thinks that Gouku isn't comming and the battle resumes. Nappa powers up and charges at Gohan, but Piccolo (who has made a close friendship over the year with Gohan) jumps infront of Gohan to save him from Nappas blast. Just before Piccolo dies, he tells Gohan to wish him back when they find the Dragonballs. But with Piccolo gone, Kame-sama also dies (since they are a part of each other) and with both of them gone the Dragonballs also disappear (since Kame-sama created them).

Just after Piccolo dies, Gouku finally shows up! Gouku starts fighting Nappa and beats him back and forth like a beachball. Vegeta could only look with astonishment, wondering how Gouku increased his power in such a short time. Nappa (who is pretty much done for) begs Vegeta for some help... but Vegeta just blasts him away since he had no more use for him.

Now Vegeta is up against Gouku, and the fighting begins! Gouku does a Kaioken powerup and beats the sh@t out off Vegeta. Vegeta now feed up with Gouku, sends a artificial moonlight source up into the sky and turns himeself into an Ozouru and chases down Gouku. Vegeta breaks just about ever bone in Goukus body and is really close to killing him. Just as it seems that everything is lost, Yajirobe shows up and cuts off Vegetas tail!! Vegeta turns back to normal (since his tail is gone) and is really pissed. Gohan, who sees his father all down and beaten, starts fighting Vegeta.

While Vegeta is having his fun with Gohan, Gouku is building up his Genki-dama, he passes it on Krillin, who then launches it at Vegeta. Krillin misses, but Gohan bounces it back and hits!! Vegeta is sent high into the air as Krillin and Gohan walk over to Goku, as they think the fight is over Vegeta falls back to the Earth. Krillin walks over and finds out Vegeta is far from dead, Vegeta attacks Krillin and then Explodes with power knocking everyone away. Vegeta walks over to kill Gohan after finding out his tail has grown back. (Gohan's I mean)

The Coward Yajirode attacks Vegeta slicing and diceing at him but vegeta is far to fast and kicks him away. This gives Goku time to telepatcicly tell Gohan to look at the Energy Ball in the sky. Vegeta remembers to late about Gohan and trys to stop him from chaning into the Oozara. Goku tells Gohan to attack Vegeta, Gohan and Vegeta go at it for awhile untill Vegeta cuts of his tail. Gohan begins to return to normal and falls to the ground with Vegeta in the way gohan falls to the ground smashing Vegeta. Vegeta is now barely alive and crawls back to his ship. Krillin holds Yajirobi's sword to Vegetas throat, but Gouku says to let him go. After all in over the surviving Z Fighter are picked up by Bulma, Master Roshi, Korin, & Chi-Chi.

With Vegeta gone, there is only one thing left to do: Go to Namek and wish their fallen friends back. Goku is in the hospital recovering, while Mr. Popo shows Bulma Kame-Sama's old spaceship. Soon Gohan Krillin and Bulma head of to Planet Namek! When they finally arrive at Planet Namek, they soon discover that Furiza as well as Vegeta are up there too. Furiza has already collected 5 of the 7 dragonballs, and Vegeta has the other one. Gohan and Krillin leave Bulma behind in a Cave and go out to try to get the dragonballs back. After saving Dende (a young Namekian boy), they head out to Guru's house so that Gohan can receive one of the dragonballs. (Note the following: During all this time Vegeta fights and defeats Kui and Dodoria. He gets badly wounded by Zarbon, but recovers and defeats Zarbon after stealing Furiza's 5 dragonballs). After the Vegeta incedent, Furiza orders the Ginyu force to Planet Namek. In the meantime, Vegeta tries to find the last dragonball that Bulma has. Gohan heads off to Guru's house again and Guru awakens some new powers within Gohan. Vegeta is on the way to Guru's to get back the dragonball. As Vegeta arrives at Guru's he feels the arrival of the more powerfull Ginyu force. Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan make a short peace treaty amongst themself and they head back to Bulmas to get the last dragonball so that Vegeta can wish for immortality. As soon as they land at Vegetas hideout place, Krillin refuses to give up the last dragonball to Vegeta. After a long argument they soon find out that aren't alone anymore, and that the Ginyu force is only mere seconds away. Just before Vegeta can summon up the dragon for his wish, the Ginyu force already have taken up 5 of the dragonballs. Gerudo steals krillins dragonball before he can destroy it, and Barta catches another dragonball that Vegeta throws away. With Captain Ginyu returning the dragonballs to Furiza, Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta face of with the remaining Ginyu force members. At the meantime, Goku is up and healthy again and is on his way to Planet Namek to help out his friends, but it will take some time to get there first. Gerudo has his little rotten timefreezing tricks, but Vegeta takes him out easily. Now Rikum is facing off against Krillin and Gohan. Somewhere in that time area Captain Ginyu arrives back to Furizas spaceship and they try to make a wish, but they soon find out that they need a password to summon the dragon. Rikum beats the crap out of the trio, but Goku arrives at the last minute and gives Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta a senzu bean. Goku orders Krillin and Gohan away to retrieve the dragonballs. Goku then makes short work of Rikum and Barta. Jeizu runs back to Captain Ginyu and tells him about Goku and the loss of the three Ginyu members. Captain Ginyu returns to the battle scene to fight Gouku. While Krillin and Gohan are gone, Capt. Ginyu does a body switch with Gouku and later on returns to Krillin and Gohan to fool them. Vegeta has run away but returns to fight the weaker Capt. Ginyu in Goukus body. As Capt. Ginyu feel the time to switch to Vegetas body, the badly hurt Gouku just jumps infront of Cpt, Ginyus blast and they switch bodies once again. Cpt. Ginyu tries it a second time but Goku throws in a frog. Gouku is now to weak to fight since Vegeta beat up Captain Ginyu who was inside of Goku's body. Vegeta takes Goku to Furiza's ship and puts him into a Saya-jin recovery capsul. Furiza lands at Guru's, but Nail tries to buy the others time by fighting Furiza at a more distant location. Furiza soon overpowers the weaker Namekian fighter but by that time Dende is already send to Krillin and Gohan to give up the password. While Goku is recovering, Vegeta also decides to take a short nap. Krillin and Gohan summon up the dragon with the help of Dende. First they wish back Piccolo, then they wish him back to planet Namek, before they can make their third wish, an angry Vegeta shows up! Vegeta demands immortality, but before his wish could be granted, Guru dies and the dragonballs turn into useless stones. To make matters worse, Furiza arrives at the scene!!! Now Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan face off with an angry Furiza, but they are soon overpowerd by the stronger purple fighter who transforms into an even stronger purple fighter!! Piccolo is on his way to help the others and finds the beaten fighter Nail. Nail and Piccolo fuse together and make an even stronger figher. He then heads off to the battle scene. He challenges Furiza to a one-on-one fight, and soon gains the upperhand. Furiza now very upset, decides to transform once again. First he attacks Krillin by jabbing his horn through Krillins body. But with the help of Dende and his healing powers, Krillin is soon recovered. While Piccolo is busy fighting Furiza, Vegeta noticed the healing powers of Dende, and then makes Krillin attack him. His plan is to be mortaly damaged and to have Dende heal him. He believes by doing this, he will become a Super-Saya-jin. He tries out his plan but soon discovers that his plan failed...... Furiza does a third transformation, and takes out Dende, since he has those special healing powers. At the same time Goku finaly gets done recovering and flies to the others as fast as he could. Goku attacks Furiza and Vegeta (who is very badly hurt) gives out a laugh of insanty, taunting Furiza over and over again. Furiza gets so tired of this and kills him. Goku buries Vegeta and attacks Furiza again and again. Goku takes in some heavy damage and is forced to use his "Spirit Bomb" attack. The "Spirit Bomb" takes endless amount of time to load, and worst of all: It doesn't even have any major effect on Furiza!!! After Furiza gets back up, he fires a shoot at Piccolo and wounds him badly. Furiza then takes Krillin and kills him!!! After that Goku turns "Super-Saya-jin and orders Gohan to return to the spaceship with the wounded Piccolo and to leave the Planet at once. While Gohan is heading back to the ship, Goku beats the crap out of Furiza. Furiza relizes that he has run out of options and fires a massive shot at planet Namek! Furiza hopes that the planet would soon blow up along with Goku. Furiza wouln't have to worry about surviving since he can breath in space. Back on earth, Mr. Popo finds the seven dragonballs and wishes for all the peope who where killed by Furiza to be revived. His wish comes true and Dende is back again along with the dragonballs of planet Namek! Dende then wishes for everone but Goku and Furiza to be taken back to earth. Goku fights 'till the last moment and Furiza launches two energy disks (similar to Krillins "Destructo Disk") but his plan fails and gets cut in half himeself! Furiza pleads for mercy and Goku gives Furiza some of his energy so that Furiza can escape the planet savely. But Furiza turns against Goku once again and shots a energy attack on Goku instead of using it to escape the planet himself. Goku retaliates and kills Furiza! Goku struggles to get off the planet, but he doesn't seem to make it....... With all the others back on earth, Dende wishes all the others back, but when it came for Gokus turn the dragon said that Goku was still alive but did not wish to be returned to earth yet. So Dende uses the last wish to make the surviving Namekians a new home planet where they can live on.

Having freed himself from the Dead Zone, Garlic Jr. attacks Kami-sama's lookout with the help of four new underlings, trapping God and his assistant in a bottle. He uses this opportunity to release the Aquamist, a gas that basically turns anyone it reaches into a demon. Meanwhile, Gohan has snuck away from home with Haiya Dragon in order to visit his friends. Kuririn has a new girlfriend named Maron, and at the moment are with Buruma, Oolong, and the old man himself at Kame house. The Aquamist reaches the island, transforming them all into demons (With the exception of Kuririn and Maron, who were underwater when the mist passed over them). Gohan and his dragon manage to escape the effects as well. Having now reached the island, Gohan finds himself attacked by his friends. Garlic Jr.'s minions arrive (which FUNimation has dubbed the Spice Boys), and inform Gohan of the Super Holy Water, the only thing that can counter the Aquamist. Piccolo comes to Gohan's rescue, but is bitten by one of the demons, and turns against our young hero as well. Upon reaching Kami-sama's tower, Gohan meets Garlic Jr, who tells him how the Makyosei's (a red star) close approach to Earth freed him from the Dead Zone, and makes him stronger by the minute. Garlic Jr. orders his men to focus their attacks on Gohan, because it was him that banished the evil lord to the Dead Zone in the first place (although Kuririn still tries to help Gohan). Meanwhile, Vegeta is searching for Goku in deep space, hoping to keep up with his level of strength. Piccolo begins to attack Gohan one on one, and does some serious damage to him. Kuririn, getting in the way of the battle, is bitten by Piccolo, and joins in against Gohan. It is at this moment that Piccolo steals the bottle containing Kami-sama and Popo from Garlic Jr. and releases them. Piccolo explains that since he is already a demon, the aquamist bite had no affect on him. Garlic Jr. becomes enraged, and the Makyosei approaches its apogee to Earth. Knowing that there is no way to release the Super Holy Water before daybreak, Popo suggests that it be poured into the holes beneath Kami's palace where the winds would carry it around the world. However, on the way to this place rests the bodies of all the previous Kamis, known as the Shinsenkai. Any living Kami that attempts to pass through this area is in great danger. As the battle with Garlic Jr. and his minions continues on the surface, Kami is attacked by the previous gods, who drain his life force. Since Piccolo and Kami-sama are still spirtually linked, Piccolo begins to suffer in his battle. Despite the incredible amount of pain, Kami and Popo press on, finally reaching the bottom of the palace. With the dead gods busy attacking Kami, Popo manages to release the Super Holy Water, returning the Earth's population to normal. Back on the surface, Gohan, Kuririn, and Piccolo continue to do battle with Garlic Jr, who becomes stronger every second. Gohan bores a hole into Garlic Jr.'s abdomen, but due to his wish of immortality, is resurrected on the spot. Finding out that the Aquamist has been countered by Kami, Garlic Jr. creates a new Dead Zone, hoping to suck the entire palace from its foundation. Gohan creates an energy shield around himself and his friends so that they will not be absorbed into the tear, but uses much of his energy maintaining it. Piccolo distracts Garlic Jr, allowing Gohan to destroy the Makyosei. With the evil star now gone, Garlic Jr. loses all of his power, and falls into the Dead Zone once again. With Garlic Jr. gone and peace once again restored, the Z warriors wonder where Goku could possibly be....

.:Garlic Jr. Saga:.
With the exception of Goku missing, all is well on Earth. The serenity is short-lived, as Furiza is on his way to the planet with his father, King Cold. The Z warriors sense his overwhelming presence, and prepare for his arrival. Knowing they have little chance against the dark lord themselves, they are frightened to learn that another force just as powerful Furiza is accompanying him. King Cold and his son finally land on Earth. Furiza has learned from his defeat to be more cautious, and not to underestimate a Super Saiya-jin. Goku is still hours away, so Furiza orders his men to exterminate all life on the Earth. However, a mysterious teenager with purple hair swoops down and slaughters all his minions before they have a chance to kill anyone. The youth tells Furiza that he will destroy him, and wastes no time. After a few attacks are exchanged, Furiza is sliced into tiny bits and then vaporized by the shadowy character. King Cold would not admit to himself that his son could be killed by a mere "monkey," and assumes that the kid's power lies in his sword. Convincing the teen to give him the sword, King Cold attacks. The teen merely catches the blade and proceeds to kill King Cold, despite his pleas. The mysterious youth flies down to the others and tells them to follow him to Son Goku. Vegita is stunned and blazing with rage after realizing there is yet another Saiya-jin who has surpassed him. Goku arrives in a small pod, finally reunited with his friends. The stranger asks Goku to talk to him, and Son agrees. Introducing himself as Trunks, the son of Vegita, he tells Goku that in three years he will die of a heart disease, and two androids will destroy the world. Goku is upset, not because he is going to die (been there, done that), but because he won't get to fight the androids. Trunks explains that Goku need not worry, as he brought an antidote for the heart disease from the future. While he and Goku are talking, Trunks suddenly goes Super Saiya-jin. Out of nowhere, he lunges at Goku holding his sword in front of him, much resembling the strike he hit Furiza with. Goku doesn't budge. Trunks stops, inches before Goku's forehead makes contact with the sword. Goku tells Trunks he didn't move because he knew Trunks would not strike him. Trunks smirks, and tells Goku that next time he won't stop. Trunks strikes again and again and again. Each time Goku stops the sword using one finger. Trunks decides that Goku is possibly strong enough to defeat the androids. Trunks gives Goku a specific date and time for them all to meet, and at that time they will face the androids. Then he leaves, but not before telling Goku who his father and mother are (Bulma and Vegita) and not to say anything that might endanger his existance (if they found out, Bulma and Vegita might never fall in love!). Goku agrees saying "Don't worry, I don't talk much." Goku goes to the group who have been watching the whole thing, and tells everyone what happened (leaving out anything about Trunks' parents) but forgets the date to meet. Fortunately, Piccolo, with his Super-Namek-Auditory-System overheard the whole thing and tells everyone the date, but mentions nothing about Trunks himself. They all go their seperate ways, in order to train as hard as they can for the next three years. Goku, Gohan and Piccolo go to train, Tenshinhan and Chaozu go off with each other, and Kuririn and Yamcha each go their seperate ways. There are a few things of notice, such as the time when Goku and Piccolo are forced to get driver's licenses by Chi-Chi. After the three years have passed, everybody goes to meet at the specific point given to them by Future Trunks. As it turns out, the island they were supposed to meet on contains a huge city. The Z-fighters are surprised to find Bulma there holding a baby (Trunks) in her hands. Goku mistakenly calls him Trunks before Bulma gives him the name, but since Trunks has already been born, there is no danger in revealing who he is. Since the Z-fighters cannot sense the KI of an android, they must look for the androids with their eyes and ears, and that may take a while. Eventually, Yamcha finds the androids, and is surprised to see what they look like, since no one ever got a description from Future Trunks. The androids quickly absorb Yamcha's energy through red orbs in their hands then promptly punch a gaping hole through Yamcha's stomach. The other Z-fighters eventually find Yamcha and fight a little with the androids, but soon give up, realizing that the fight is causing too many casualties. Yamcha is taking back to the original meeting place on the island (on a hill) and given senzu, which revives him. The androids and the Z-fighters all go to an island. Surprising, Goku is winded just from flying. Something is noticably wrong with him. He begins to fight with android #19 and is kicking his ass, but seems to keeping getting in worse and worse shape. Eventually the android overpowers him, and begins to absorb his energy. Piccolo is about to rescue him, when Vegita rams into android #19 with a flying kick. The Z-fighters realize that the reason Goku is in such bad shape is because his heart condition hurting him. As it turns out, he has never taken his medicine, because the symptoms never came. Yamcha takes him back to his house, where he is given the medicine. However, it seems to have little effect. Meanwhile, back at the island, Vegita has a few surprises of his own. Unbeknownst to the Z-fighters, Vegita has aquired the ability to go Super Saiya-jin. He explains how ironic it was that his very anger at not being able to go Super Saiya-jin was the thing that caused him to go SSJ. Vegita and Android 19 fight around a bit, and it becomes clear that Vegita has the upperhand. Eventually, Vegita lets the android grab onto his arms, the Andriod begins to drain his energy saying "I'll never let go!" Vegita asks "Never?" He places his feet on the android's chest and pulls its arms from their sockets. Vegita then proceeds to destroy android #19. #20 is astonished that there can possibly be anybody this strong. He flees into a giant mountain, using the cracks to conceal himself, since the Z-fighters cannot sense his Ki. Vegita is given Senzu and follows the android. The rest of the Z-fighters follow Vegita. Android 20 is contemplating what to do. He decides to pick off the Z-fighters and steal their energy, then move on to Vegita.He tries to steal Piccolo's energy, but since Piccolo has a supreme auditory system, he knows the attack was coming. Unbeknowst the android, Piccolo was actually destroying his energy while he thought he was abosorbing it. Piccolo then takes a senzu and challenges #20 to a bout. #20 agrees, assuming he should be at least as strong as Piccolo after absorbing his energy. He gets the crap kicked out of him. He flees into the cracks of the mountain again and is going back to the lab. Once Gero returns to the lab and attempts to persuade #17 and #18 to fight the Z teamers. The androids disagree, and don't like being commanded, and say so. The two androids decide to activate #16 despite many warnings from Dr. Gero. #17 and #18 kill their creator without a thought. Vegita states that that's not unusual, and that it is perfectly normal to kill anyone you don't like. Trunks shoots a blast into the cave which the lab is in, but it has no effect. #16 is activated. They ask him if he was made to kill Son Goku, and he replies to the affirmative. #18 says it makes her sick to think of Dr. Gero's goals for them. The androids fly away, and the Z teamers realize they are heading towards Goku's house. Vegita is mad the androids paid him no notice, and insists on following them despite numerous warnings from Trunks. Meanwhile the androids decide to touch down for a while. In a debate about taking a car, #17 asks #16 if he was made from a man like they were. #16 calmly states that he was made from nothing. The androids puzzle over this for a little while, then Vegita confronts them. #18 tells #16 to fight Vegita, but he refuses. #18 and Vegita begin to duel, and #17 is surprised that the Saiya-jin is much stronger than Dr. Gero told them he was. All of the Z teamers return, and Vegita comments on how stupid they are. #16 refuses to fight again. Trunks tells Vegita to run, and the androids say they won't fight people who run away because they have no interest in them. Vegita asks Trunks if he could use another slap. #17 complements Vegita's fighting skills, but Vegita just insults him in return. Piccolo notices that the android has infinite stamina, and Vegita is getting weaker by the minute. #18 begins to land some critical hits on the now weakened Vegita. Trunks cannot stand to see his father in such pain, and intervenes with his sword. However, #18 is so strong that Trunks' sword chips on impact. Piccolo and Tenshinhan engage #17, but are beat back easily. Kuririn considers helping, but realizes he's no match for the androids. #17 and #18 make quick work of the Z warriors, but do not kill them off. They tell Kuririn to give his fallen comrades Senzu, because their only true purpose is to kill Goku. #18 kisses Kuririn on the cheek, and departs. When Piccolo was revived along with the rest, he became extremely frustrated at himself. Without a reason, he flies off. Kuririn notes the direction that Piccolo left in, and speculates that he has gone to recombine with God (Kami). Since both have an unimaginable hatred for the other, Kuririn realizes that the situation must be grave. Back at Goku's house, our hero is still in incredible pain from the heart virus (Even after taking the medicine brought by Trunks). When Piccolo reaches the Kami tower, he explains to Kami that the world did not need a God, but a super warrior. However, Kami wants to have a longer look at the situation before he does anything rash, and tells Piccolo to wait. Androids #16, #17, and #18 decided to take their time on their way to find Goku, and have some fun on their way. Both a motorcycle gang and the police chase after them, but are easily dispatched. Kuririn and Trunks inform Chi-Chi of the situation, and that they have to move Goku to a safer locale. Son is loaded into a plane, and they all fly off to Kame-sennin's house. While the Z senshi waited, Gohan, Kuririn, and Trunks discuss how they could possibly use the time machine to defeat the cyborgs. Trunks told them that going into the past again to destroy the androids before they were activated would create another timeline, and would not destroy the androids looking for Goku in their future. When asked why he came back if he knew that anything he did would have no affect on the androids in his future, Trunks explained that he wanted to see if the androids had any weaknesses when Son Goku fought them, and if worst came to worst, he could take Goku back to his time and have him help destroy the menace. In mid-flight the plane receives a call from Buruma saying that another time machine had been found. She faxes over a picture, and Trunks recognizes it as his time machine. He decides that he has to get a closer look, so Gohan, Trunks, and Buruma all head to the reported location. When they reach the machine, they find it covered in moss, and inside there are broken bits of a shell. Trunks has a look at the computer within the machine, and finds that it had departed three years after Trunks' future, and arrived four years in the current timeline. Close to the machine they find an egg capsule that something hatched from very recently. Trunks becomes very worried about the situation, but with nothing else to find, they leave the scene. Meanwhile, Kami-sama began to fear what was happening down on Earth. Whatever had come out of the egg was now absorbing people left and right. An entire city's population had been decimated by this monster. Kami could not take it anymore, and agreed to merge with Piccolo. He explains to Mr. Popo that it was better to have a warrior in this situation than a Kami, and gives his life to Piccolo. Now possessing a superior intellect and a strong body, Piccolo flies down to find the monster. Finding the monster sucking the life out of the last inhabitant of the city, Piccolo tells the monster to stop. The monster refuses, and begins to do battle with Piccolo. However, Piccolo's new strength is nothing to be trifled with, and he is unscatched by the monster's attacks. The rest of the Z warriors are confused by this development, as they can sense Vegita's, Tenshinhan's, Piccolo's, and Furiza's ki from the same location. The monster rears back and fires a Kame Hame Ha at Piccolo, catching him off-guard (Although he still evades the blast). The monster then blurs behind Piccolo and stabs his arm, sucking the life force from it. Admitting defeat, Piccolo requests that the monster explain to him who he was and what he was up to. The monster explains that he is an android created by Dr. Gero from the cells of the greatest warriors on Earth. Gero had collected samples from Goku, Tenshinhan, Piccolo, Furiza, Vegita, and King Cold, but considered the project a failure and moved on to something else. However, the computer continued working on the creation, and finally finished three years after Trunks had defeated the androids in his own time (The computer was stationed much deeper in the Earth, so it was not destroyed by Trunks when the lab was blasted). Cell killed Trunks and took his time machine, but had to turn himself into an egg in order to fit. He had been told by Dr. Gero's computer that in order to become "perfect," he would have to absorb androids #17 and #18, who had already been killed in his timeline. Piccolo thanked Cell for the information, and regenerated his shriveled arm. Surprised by Piccolo's ability, Cell was forced to do battle again. With Kuririn and Trunks arriving on the scene, Piccolo reveals that he had merged with Kami-sama, and that he would destroy Cell even if he tried to run. Cell uses a Taiyoken and makes his escape to the city. Once there, he begins to sap the life-force of the residents in hopes of becoming stronger than Piccolo and the others. Piccolo becomes extremely frustrated with himself for losing Cell. Meanwhile, Trunks and Kuririn decide to destroy the undeveloped Cell in Dr. Gero's lab so another monster would not be created. Upon arriving in the lab, Kuririn and Trunks find the young Cell organism and blueprints for Android #17. Taking the plans, they blow up the lab and start heading home. Glancing over the plans for Android #17, Dr. Briefs and Buruma find quite a bit of stuff they do not understand. However, they vow to do their best to find a weak spot. Cell is still on the rampage, sucking energy left and right. He pursues a little girl and her brother, but Kuririn arrives just in time to save them. Cell chases after our bald hero, and smacks him around a bit. However, Piccolo and Tenshinhan arrive and drive Cell off. Back at the Kame House, Goku had finally woken up from his virus-induced coma, and was training on the beach of the small island. With Vegita's failure, he knew his current level would be no match for the androids. Goku tells the others about a special room where a year of training can take place in only a day. He transports himself and Gohan to Vegita and Trunks, who are busy practicing, and tells them about the room. During this time, the androids finally reach Goku's home, only to find it vacant. Mr. Popo leads the four Saiya-jin to the room of spirit and time in God's palace, and asks who would be entering first. Vegita and Trunks volunteer to be the first trainees. Flying to Kame's islands, the androids meet with the Z warriors once again. Piccolo refuses to tell them Goku's location, and challenges them to a battle on a neighboring island. #17 decides that he will go solo while #16 and #18 observe the fight. Piccolo has a slight edge over the android, and does a fair amount of damage to him. Hoping to finish him of, Piccolo performs an attack that surrounds #17 with ki energy. The android emerges unscathed. The battle continues, and Cell senses the fight. Thinking he is powerful enough to take on Piccolo, and that Piccolo is probably fighting #17, he rushes to the island. Meanwhile, Buruma finally completes a device that will deactivate the androids.With little time to spare, Kuririn speeds towards Buruma's to pick up the device. Piccolo and #17 are not gaining much ground on each other, and Cell takes them by surprise. Having never seen Cell before, #17 does not know what he has in store. The monster tries to take #17's energy, but Piccolo interferes. The Namek-jin launches a massive attack at Cell, but does no damage to him. To prevent further interuptions, Cell breaks Piccolo's neck and tosses him into the ocean. While Goku restrains Gohan from leaving God's palace, Cell and Android #17 begin to duke it out. Even without the stamina drain, #17 was getting pounded. Finally, #16 interferes and challenges Cell. He proves to be a much fairer opponent, and an even match for Dr. Gero's DNA experiment. Cell tries to absorb #16's energy, but finds that there is nothing to steal. It is then that #16 reveals he is 100% robotic, and contains absolutely no organic material (#17 and #18 are based on human beings). He continued to rip Cell to pieces. However, with Piccolo's ability to regenerate, he takes little physical damage. #16 and Cell continued to duel, with the big android getting the upper-hand. The recepient of a Rocket Punch and a Hell's Flash, Cell was looking down and out. Thinking he was dead, #17 and #18 refuse to leave, despite #16's pleas. After realizing Cell is still alive, #17 challenges him to fight. This was the break Cell was looking for. He sneaks up behind #17 and quickly absorbs him with his tail. The first transformation begins. #16 grabs #18 and flies away as fast as he can, but apparently it's not fast enough. Cell steps in front of the two fleeing androids and blasts #16 in the head, tearing a part of it off. As number #18 frantically threatens to destroy herself, Tenshinhan steps into the battle. The first blast hits Cell and drives him into the Earth. Tenshinhan tells the androids to get away, and continues to use his Kikoho attack on the monster. Since the area of affect is quite large, Cell is unable to escape the hole in the ground Tenshinhan has confined him to. However, this was taking a massive toll on his body, and he couldn't keep it up for long. With the last of his energy gone, Ten's unconscious body drifts to the ground. Cell gets ready to evaporate his body for letting the androids get away, but Goku teleports in. He tells Cell that in one day he will be ready to mop the floor with him. Goku senses Piccolo's ki, and realizes that he's alive (but barely). He teleports to his body, then transports both fallen warriors to Kami's palace just before Cell can get a hit on Goku. Kuririn and Buruma finally reach each other, and she gives him the device to destroy the androids. However, it must be used no more than 10 meters away. Cell begins his search for #18, who is hiding with #16 on an island. To everyone's surprise, the door to the room of spirit and time finally opens. Vegita and Trunks emerge, and inform the others that they have both surpassed Super Saiya-jin. Buruma arrives in her jet, bringing special light-weight battle uniforms for the Z warriors. After putting on these new clothes, Trunks and Vegita rush to Cell's ki. Cell is becoming increasing frustrated with being unable to locate #18, and flies high into the air. He screams so loudly that everyone on the islands below can hear he cries. He threatens to destroy each and every island until #18 comes out, and begins to do so. With the room of spirit and time now vacant, Goku and Gohan begin their "year" of training. Cell continues to obliterate island after island until only one is left. He charges a large energy attack, but Vegita interupts him. To his surprise, Vegita has suddenly become a lot stronger. He shows Cell what is beyond Super Saiya-jin, and Cell does not like it one bit. Blow after blow land, and Cell is powerless to stop the onslaught (though he does retaliate with a few weak attacks in edgewise). Vegita toys with his opponent, who is nowhere near his level, and holds back in killing him. Cell begins to whine about not being complete. Meanwhile, Kuririn had arrived on the island, and was searching for #18 to deactivate her. He finds her, and manages to sneak very close. However, our emotional hero begins to have second thoughts about destroying the woman who gave him a playful.
The Saiyans finish their training in the room of Spirit and Time, and Bulma rebuilds Android 16, who joins the Z Warriors.Cell, in his infinite arrogance, announces the Cell Game, a tournament to give people the chance to fight him, one on one. If Cell survives, he will destroy the Earth. Goku and Cell battle to a standstill. Goku suddenly stops fighting and says that he will let Gohan take his place. Goku even gives Cell a Senzu Bean to keep things even! Gohan says that Goku is making him fight because when he gets angry his power rises unbelievably. Cell wants to see Gohan's hidden power, so he begins to beat Gohan mercilessly to force him to get angry. But no matter what Gohan never gets angry enough to fight back. Goku watches patiently and keeps anyone else out of the fight. Android sneaks up on Cell since the androids cant power up. Number 16 puts Cell in an arm lock and tells everyone to clear out so he can activate the Self Destruct mechanism that Dr. Gero put inside all his Androids. But Krillin yells to him that Bulma removed it when she put him back together. Cell laughs at 16's ignorance and destroys him again.Cell gets tired of waiting for Gohan to get angry and threatens to kill the spectators. Cell flies to Krillin to steal his bag of Senzu Beans and heads back to Gohan. Cell creates 7 little clones, the Cell Jr's, to battle the spectators. Gohan watches helplessly as the Cell Jr's attack his friends. In the background, Mr. Satan and a camera crew had been documenting the tournament. Number 16's head lands near Mr. Satan and demands to be taken near Gohan so that he can tell Gohan how to save the world. After much reluctance, Mr. Satan slowly walks out intot he ring and throws the head toward Gohan, then slinks back behind a rock like the coward he truely is. Android 16's head encourages Gohan to fight, until Cell finally noticing the exchange between the two, crushes the head of Android 16. This sends Gohan into a rage and he powers up to SSJ2. Gohan steals the Senzu Beans back from Cell and easily beats the Cell Jr's. Gohan beats on Cell for awhile, forcing the enemy to power up to 100%. Cell can still not beat Gohan. Gohan lands a tough kick to the body of Cell forcing Android 18 back out, and forcing Cell to degrade to his 2nd form. Seeing no way to win in an even weaker form, Cell activates his self-destruct sequence. To save the Earth, Goku teleports Cell to King Kai's planet. Cell explodes and King Kai's tiny planet is destroyed. Goku, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory die in the blast.The Z Warriors are all standing around in disbelief, when a fireball out of nowhere flies through Trunks's body. The heros look up to find Cell, in his perfect form, smiling down on them. Here we go again!Cell explains that when he exploded, a single brain cell remained, from which he rebuilt himself. And due to his Saiyan DNA, the beast was able to come back stronger than before, in his perfect form. Vegeta gets mad and fires multiple blasts at Cell, but Cell stands by unharmed. Cell knocks Vegeta out and fires a shot at his helpless body. Gohan however zips over to Vegeta and takes the blast for him, rising battered and bloody. Cell and Gohan begin a Kamehameha duel, but it comes to a stalemate. Through King Kai, Goku yells encouragement his son. The remaining Z Warriors (Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Piccolo) fire all they have at Cell, but to no avail. Vegeta wakes back up and gets angry at the show of force from these low class Saiyans, Gohan and Goku. He fires a blast borne of hatred at Cell and it is powerful enough to distract the mighty creature. Goku yells to Gohan that this is his chance to finish Cell for good. Gohan puts all he has into his Kamehameha, and disintegrates Cell.The Z Warriors head victoriously to Kame's Lookout, and Vegeta flies away, disbelieving that Gohan could be stronger than he. Mr. Satan and the news reporters wake up, and Mr. Satan, seeing the empty battlefield, takes all the credit for Cell's destruction. As the world celebrates Mr. Satan, the Z Warriors rest in Kame's Lookout, with Dende (the new Kame) who heals Gohan and Trunks. Android 18 awakens after the battle and the Z Warriors prepare for another battle. Krillin stops them from killing her and she flies away to the background of the Warriors joking on how Krillin has a crush on her. The Z Warriors gather the Dragon Balls and prepare to make their wishes. First they wish to remove all the bombs from inside the Androids. Then they wish to bring back all those killed by Cell. Goku however cannot be brought back, but he tells everyone through King Kai that it's ok. The Z Warriors all reflect on Goku's life. Mr. Satan emerges the savior of Earth, and Gohan goes off to tell his mother the terrible news about his Dad.
Buu Saga
The Buu Saga starts out with the Tenkachi Bodoukai, and Goku being resurrected for only one day so that he can fight. Soon Doubler, the prince of darkness, turns Krillin and Piccolo to stone on the mountainside. Gohan, Goku, Vegeta and Ka-oo-shin travel into Babidee's space ship looking for this new menace. Babidee is trying to gather enough energy to resurrect Majin Buu, so he makes a game out of the warriors. He sends a warrior out to fight the heroes one at a time on each floor. Vegeta begins the game by devastating Babidee's first low class fighter. Goku takes on the second and wins overwhelmingly. But when it comes to the third fight, Gohan does not have such an easy time with the Prince of Darkness, Doubler. Doubler leaves half way through the battle saying that it was because he found another warrior for this 3rd out of the 5 stages of the ship. Babidee uses his magic to charm Vegeta, creating a new enemy for Goku -- Majin Vegeta!Majin Vegeta and the Heroes get sent to the Martial Arts arena. After Majin Vegeta kills a few hundred people, Goku finally agrees to fight him. Disobeying Kai-oo-shin, Goku requests Babidee send them somewhere uninhabited. Vegeta finally admits to Goku that he allowed himself to be charmed so that he could finally battle Goku. The titanic battle takes place, and the energy released from the battle is enough for Babidee to awaken Fat Buu. The two go flying around Earth, spreading mayhem and despair wherever they go. Majin Vegeta knocks out Goku but realizes that Good will always triumph in the end. He sees how useless his evil ways have been, and Vegeta finally becomes truly good. Majin Vegeta finds Buu and self destructs hoping that his sacrifice will destroy Buu. Unfortunately it is not enough and Buu survives.Goku finally steps up to bat against Fat Buu, but cannot beat him. His rage sends him into SSJ3 for the first time. About this time Bulma begins gathering the dragon balls to wish back all those killed by the Majins. Buu gets angry at being Babidee's slave, so he turns on Babidee and kills him. Fat Buu, in an attempt to purify himself, splits into a Good Buu and an Evil Buu. The two battle and the Evil Buu wins, resulting in a trimmed down, more muscular version of Fat Buu.Gohan travels to Kai-oo-shin's planet to train. He dons a native suit and begins using the Z sword. He learns how to use his hidden power without requiring the rage that it takes to go SSJ. Everyone else goes to Kame's Lookout, where Goku teaches Goten and Trunks how to fuse to become Gotenks. Goku then teleports to Kai-oo-shin's planet to watch everything from there. Buu senses this huge power and travels to Kame's Lookout to search out this huge power. Gotenks goes into training, and Piccolo tricks Buu into waiting in a room in which time moves slower than the room Gotenks is training in. Chichi starts to scold Buu for killing so many innocent people. Buu turns Chichi into an egg and squashes her (THANK GOD!!).Buu eventually gets sick of waiting for them to come out and demands to be taken to the boys. Piccolo takes him into the room and Gotenks battles with Buu for a while. The fight reaches a stalemate when Piccolo blasts the door to trap everyone in the room, so that Buu cannot kill anymore people. Buu uses his power to create a portal and exits the room. Gotenks tries and fails to make a portal but then goes SSJ3 and has the power to pull it off. Gotenks battles Buu in his new form and is winning and knocks Buu back to the Earth, however, Kame's Lookout is destroyed in the process. Gotenks and Piccolo go back to Earth to look for Buu's body, but find that he is far from dead. Before Gotenks can continue his attack the Fusion wears off and Goten and Trunks unfused are not strong enough to stand against Buu.Gohan finishes his training and puts on a suit like his Dad's before leaving to help his friend's on Earth. Goku wants to go help but cannot because he is dead. Gohan appears on Earth and battles Buu until Buu self Destructs and the Z warriors think they have won. The fly away and see Buu flying at them. Goten and Trunks fuse into Gotenks again, but while Gotenks is distracted Buu absorbs him. Now much stronger than before, Buu launches an attack against Gohan. Buu throws a fireball at Gohan but it is blocked by another Fireball thrown by Tien. Goku is brought back to life because Dai Kai-oo-shin trades his life for Goku's. Kai-oo-shin gives Goku the Fusion Earrings and shows him how to use them so that Goku and Gohan can fuse and beat Buu. Meanwhile King Yama grants Vegeta life so that he can help save the Earth. Just as Buu is about to launch another fireball at Gohan, Goku appears and save the day, cutting Buu in almost in half. He gives Gohan one of the earrings and they prepare to fuse. Just then, Buu's dissected parts start to absorb some of the Z warriors (Piccolo, Tien, and even Gohan.) Buu is now fully powered up and Goku is feeling hopelessness weigh down on him. Here comes Vegeta!!! Vegeta shows up to help Goku (this is a first! :) ), and Goku tells him about the fusion. Vegeta finds the earring that Gohan dropped and puts it on. Goku and Vegeta fuse to form Vegetto. Vegetto beats up on Buu for awhile, but gets absorbed on purpose to rescue his absorbed friends. Vegetto's fusion is canceled out by the absorption and Vegeta and Goku go off to search for their friends. Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Goku, Vegeta from Buu's pores and are returned to normal size. Buu has, however, absorbed enough energy to reach his original form, and Buu is now whole again. Buu launches a fireball that will destroy the Earth and with the help of Kai-oo-shin, Goku teleports Vegeta, Goten, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, Mr. Satan, and Dende to Kai-oo-shin's planet where they escape the Earth's destruction. Buu teleports and follows the escapees. Goku fights Buu and is beaten badly, then Vegeta steps up and is beaten also. Buu is about to kill Vegeta when Mr. Satan taunts him and draws off his attentions. Good Buu escapes from within Buu and the two fight until Good Buu is knocked out. Buu continues to fight Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta tells Kai-oo-shin to gather the Namekian Dragon Balls and wish back the Earth and all its inhabitants. The only people left now to face Buu are Goku and Vegeta, as everyone else was sent back to Earth. Vegeta distracts Buu while Goku builds up his Spirit Bomb. The heroes back on Earth try to convince everyone to raise their hands and donate their energy to Goku's Spirit Bomb, but none listens. Then Mr. Satan, who is still a hero to the people, raises his hands prompting everyone else to do the same. Goku is now ready.Goku launches his Spirit Bomb, but Buu holds it back. Kai-oo-shin makes his final wish and restores Goku's energy so he can increase the strength of his Spirit Bomb. Buu is destroyed the the Z warriors are victorious. Fat Buu awakens and his life is spared for saving Mr. Satan's life earlier. Fat Buu joins the Z warriors.Goten and Trunks are teenagers (still making trouble). Gohan marries Videl and they have a daughter named Pan. Buu becomes Ubuu, a purely good version of Buu. Goku trains Ubuu, and all is well.