Dragonball GT
In Kami's Lookout Gokuh and Ubuu are having a massive battle. It just about destroys the whole floating planet. We see how much stronger Ubuu has become since DBZ. From the side of Kami's Lookout there are three robot's that hole people in them. Non other than the great Emperor Pilaf and his two trusty assistants Myuu and Shou. They have come to find that ultimate Dragonballs. We see how much Pilaf has aged since Dragonball. Gokuh and Ubuu come out of the battle area to be met by Dende and Mr. PoPo. Gokuh and Ubuu faint from exhaustion. Now, Pilaf finds the Dragonballs and explains to his assistance that they were made before Piccolo split so these Dragonballs are twice as powerful. Ubuu says good-bye to every one and then leaves. Gokuh eats a huge meal and then says farewell to his friends. Pilaf has gathered all the dragonballs together and has summoned Super Shenron. He is s giants red Dragon that looks transparent. Gokuh is leaving and runs into Pilaf. Pilaf's assistance knows who he is immediately, but Pilaf is uncertain. Gokuh does not notice the Shenron and implies what Pilaf is doing. When Pilaf finds out that this is the same Son Gokuh who has stopped him from ruling the world in the past he goes nuts and fires missiles at Gokuh. Gokuh easily stops them and this gets Pilaf very upset. Pilaf says that he wishes that Gokuh was a kid again so that he could beat him. Well, Shenron takes this wish seriously and turns Gokuh back into a child. Shenron then bids a farewell and the Dragonballs fly off. Kaio, Dende, Popo, and Gokuh are talking and Kaio and Popo reveal that these Dragonballs scatter all over the Universe and not just all over the planet. Gokuh though does not seem to mind much and flies away. Kaio utters though that Gokuh does not realize how serious this is.
We are now taken to a building where men are holding a building hostage. At the same time we see Pan-Chan and her date walking down a road. They are headed to see a movie. When they arrive the learn that the movie theater is off limits due to the back robbery. Pan-chan of course being very angry takes off to go fight the bank robbers. She easily defeats them all. During the fight though Gokuh arrived and attempted to fight, but each time got stopped by Pan because she thought he was just a little kid. Well, after the fight Pan's date runs away in fear and she begins to cry. Just then Master Roshi shows up and at the same time Pan and Gokuh utter his name. Well, as Kamesennin walks over he has to be his normal self and walk through the crowd of all the pretty girls and touch every single one of them. Gokuh finds this funny, but Pan is very embarrassed. Gokuh utters that he never changes and Kamesennin wonders who this kid is. When Gokuh tells him it doesn't sink in right away, but after a moment Kamesennin grabs Gokuh and hugs him and twirls him around. Pan is amazed and will not believe that this is her grandpa. She is in shock when Gokuh realizes who she is.
Back at Gokuh's house Videl, Gohan, Chi Chi, Pan, and Gokuh have joined. Chi Chi feels that it is a conspiracy against her because Gokuh already lives longer than her and now he has to go and turn into a little kid. Gohan asks Gokuh if he will search for the dragonballs and Gokuh is uncertain. Kaio then calls for Gokuh and tells him that if within one year all the black star dragonballs are not gathered that Earth will blow up.
Trunks is just returning from a meeting and is being greeted by all of his employes. They are congratulating him and telling him of all his other meetings. Every single girl who works there is staring at Trunks and comenting about what a hunk he is. Trunks doesn't look very happy though and when he gets to the elevator he tells everyone to leave him alone for a while. When he gets in him office he sits down to rest when a man carrying a stack of books comes in. He asks Trunks to look over them and leaves before Trunks can really get in a form of response. Then Trunks secratary comes and reads Trunks schedule for the day. Trunks stands up and has an evelish look on his face. He opens the window and flies out it. Trunks flies over the town and off into the distance.
Back at Gokuh's house Goten is talking to his new girlfriend when we see Chi Chi, Gokuh, Gohan, and Videl talking. Chi Chi is relieved that Gokuh will be able to leave the next day. Gokuh doesn't want to go, but of course Chi Chi takes charge and tells him he has to. He suggests that all they have to do is to get the regular DB and move everyone to a new planet. Videl jumps in though and asks for that to be a last resort and everyone agrees. Gohan then mentions that he will be going also and Pan wants to go then, but is told no. Videl and Gokuh then bicker. A little later everyone is working on the space ship. We are told by Bulma that it is just a 3 person ship. Outside of Capsule Corp. there is a man spying on the door to CC. Out walks Vegeta who looks very different then in DBZ. We learn that they are looking for Pan. Meanwhile, Pan is trying to find someone to help, but no one needs it. She gets upset and kicks one of the walls. Well when she does this she puts a dent in the ship and knocks an engine loose. She quickly puts something in front of the dent. Pan is bored so she leaves the building and the man who was looking for her goes to get her. Gokuh comes running after pan because he wants to go with her. More than once Pan says no. The man hides in some bushes right in front of Pan and Gokuh. The man jumps out to get Pan just as she flies away so instead he grabs Gokuh. Pan goes to see her Grandpa Satan and when she gets there to take out her anger takes on all of the men in his martial arts class. After beating them all she challenges Satan, but Satan weasel's out by saying he has a cold. Then men have now taken Gokuh to eat while two of the men discuss who this kid is. They come to the conclusion that he is an illegitament child. They phone Bulma, but she takes it as though Gokuh is lost. Now Pan and Mr. Satan are discussing how everyone treats Videl like a child. They are at a restaurant and when the waitress brings them there drink we see that Videl has ordered coffee and Mr. Satan has ordered some sort of shake. Mr. Satan then gets Pan all riled up. Meanwhile, Gokuh has taken one of the men to an amusement park. During this the other man calls CC again only to get Vegeta on the line. Vegeta tells the guy to do whatever he wants with Gokuh and then hangs up. The two men and Gokuh are driving when Gokuh says that he should get home. The man though says that he wants to make one more phone call. When they cannot find a phone Gokuh flies away to get one. He comes back carrying a pay phone and the two men come to the conclusion that Gokuh is a monster. They then hop into their car and drive away.
Back at the CC we see Trunks fly out of his window, but he stops because he sees Vegeta. Vegeta then gets together Trunks and Goten and tells them that they are going with Gokuh to find the DB. He says that he asked Gohan to switch with them. He also tells Goten to forget about his date and tells Trunks that Bulma can take care of the company. Gokuh, Trunks, and Goten stand in front of the ship while Bulma, Gohan, Vegeta, Bra, Chi Chi, and Videl look on. Videl wonders where Pan is. Right as they are about to get on the ship Goten's phone rings and it is his girlfriend. He tries to explain why he canceled their date while Trunks and Gokuh board the ship. The two go up to the ship second level only to find Pan in the control room. With Goten still outside Pan pressed the ignition button and the spaceship takes off. Goten is sent flying through the air and then tells his date that it looks like they are still on for the night. As the ship flies out of view a part flies off the ship and lands next to Bulma. Bulma has a look of shock on her face and then looks of in the distance at the ship.
On the space ship Trunks is chasing Pan around for the control panel key. Pan points out that he she knows he wants it so that he could turn around the ship. After much chasing Trunks finally catches Pan. Pan though drops the key down her shirt so that Trunks cannot get to it. Back on Earth Chi Chi is wondering about how Gokuh and Pan are doing. At the same time Bulma is trying to find where the part that feel of the ship came from. On the ship Pan is cleaning and talking about how everyone has to chip in. At the end of her talk the ship starts to shake. The group looks out the window only to see one of the engine's falling off. Back on Earth Bulma has found that the part was part of the main control rocket. Trunks takes command of the ship though and flies towards the closest planet. Trunks manages to pull of a semi clean landing. Next, Trunks, Gokuh, and Pan are walking through a town. We learn that the planet is called Imegga. There is a massive market and Trunks and Gokuh decide that they will rest for the day and fix the ship the next day. After they say this a mob of people charge after them and dress them in close. Everyone is trying to sell them something. When Trunks mention's that they need a part for there ship everyone tries to sell them one. Trunks finally buys what he needs and then they are off to a hotel. They three of them sneak into a hotel not sure what to expect. They are met by the desk clerk. Trunks asks if there is a room available. Trunks then mentions about how he was forced to buy more than he wanted. The clerk then talked to him about the merchants and said that he would not find such vendors in his hotel. So Trunks, Pan, and Gokuh are brought up to their room. It is a gigantic room that could fit many more than three. Trunks jumps onto the bed, Pan goes to take a shower and of course Gokuh goes to eat. Trunks turns on the TV and he sees the countries leader Don Kea. He wonders if the country is lead by a dictator. pan then comes out to tell Trunks that t he water will not turn off. Trunks jumps out of the bed, but is attached to a chain. Then Pan and Trunks notice that Meters are attached to everything. The refrigerator that Gokuh has opened is filling up the room with food and will not stop. The meters are charging them for everything that they use. Quickly Trunks grabs Pan and Gokuh and they fly out of the hotel.
It is night time and the three of them are standing outside. It is raining and Gokuh and Pan are fighting. They all decide to go back to the ship, Pan though leans against a wall and she falls into a house. They are met by two parents and their two children. We find out that the ruler is Don Kea. He is a very greedy king. Everything that everyone has is leased from the king and that is why people need to make money so they can pay the lease. Prices though are very high. During the talk though robots come along and take the people's house because they were not able to pay the rent. We also learn that things were not like this before Don Kea and any threat or attack made against him will result in severe punishment. The next day Trunks, Pan, and Gokuh are walking back to their ship. Pan wonders if there is a DB on the planet and Gokuh also urges Trunks to check the dragon radar. As Trunks pulls it out he is startled by a noise and drops the radar. A little robot who is half buried in the grou nd eats the radar to replenish its energy. Trunks grabs the radar, but then the three of them see their space ship being pulled away. The robot gets away and Trunks and Pan chase it. Finally Gokuh chases it, but by the time he is caught their ship has already been taken.
Trunks, Gokuh, and Pan are still out in the desert. Gokuh suggest that he can catch up to their ship by using teleportation. So Gokuh, Pan, and Trunks go up onto of a cliff and Gokuh finds the ship. When Gokuh teleports though he is just brought about 20 feet above the rock and then they fall to the ground. This happens one more time. Trunks than points out that the reason is because the DB's brought Gokuh back before he mastered teleportation. Back at Don Kea's palace he is eating when his two assistants Velajin and Ziguel. They report to Don Kea that they recovered the ship he spotted a few days earlier. They go on to say that there is nothing of value on board and that it is virtually useless. Don Kea then tells them to at least sell it to a scrap yard so that they can make some money off of the ship.
Gokuh, Pan, and Trunks have followed the ship and are at Don Kea's palace. They sneak in and are discussing where the ship would be. Gokuh spots the ship and three fly down to get a closer look. The Z gang walk all around the ship and guards are everywhere. Finally they get close enough and Pan decides that it is time to get the ship. As she is running though a can tossed by one of the guards hits Pan on the head and causes here to cry. Trunks grabs Pan and covers her mouth. When Pan finally stops though a big rock falls on Trunks's head knocking him over. When he falls the robot in his backpack wakes up and starts talking. The guards here and go to get the intruders. The three of them easily beat up on all the guards. Gokuh cuts loose the ship and it lands in the back of a hover craft. Pan drives the craft while Gokuh and Trunks are on top. Pan knocks into everything and everyone is running away. Velajin and Ziguel each fire a ki blast at the ship which Gokuh easily knocks away. The blast goes flying after it hits the two and a mysterious person at the top of the building easily knocks it away. He then wonders whether Gokuh is a Saiya-Jin. Back at Don Kea's palace Don Kea talks to Velajin and Ziguel and asks why he pays them so much. They then tell Don Kea that they have pictures of the intruders. We also learn that they man who knocked away Gokuh's blast is named Professor Ledgic and it seems as though Don Kea fears him. Trunks tries to fix the ship, but he needs to buy some parts. So the three Saiya-Jin go into town to get the parts. When the people see them they all close up their shops and run away. Pan, Gokuh, and Trunks then see wanted signs of them all over the town, but the pictures have been altered to show them with guns, knifes, and making obscene gestures. The police then chase after the three Saiya-Jin.