Dragonball AF
Info 1 - These are the episodes that have been created so far:
1) The Beginning
2) His Mistake
3) Boronks is furious
4) name not yet decided
Info 2 - There are 5 super saiyan levels
Info 3 - New fusion earings wear created(fusion with up to 3 people!)
Info 4 - Goten has had a new born baby !
Info 5 - Boronks is a huge guy(bigger than brolly)he is a super saiyan level 3 and is anxious to be stonger than Anciestor goku level 5 (white hair dude)but goku is not yet at his max power he still has level six!
This information provided by a friend of mine: Rod K.
While that is the only information I have as of now, there are many rumors going around. Below are a the rumors I have heard, do not hold me responsible for bad information these are simply rumors and I am not saying that I beieve any, so don't bother emailing me to tell me they're fake. ^_^