Saija-jin Stages
- Here is a list of all the saiyans and which power levels they have achieved.
Saiyan Levels
They look just like any human being but they have a tail.
Super Saiyan
This is the first transformation for a saiyan, a super saiyan looks
alot different to a normal saiyan,there hair turns yellow, there
eyes turn blue they get way stronger and get a bit more bulky than
before.The first to reach this level was goku when fightin freeza.
Ultra Super Saiyan
This is not really a level its just between Super Saiyan and
Super Saiyan stage 2, but in theis form u get very bulky and stronger
but theres a down side to it u get slower.
Super Saiyan stage 2
This stage is by far more powerful than normal and ultra super saiyan,
in this form yr hair gets longer and in and u more electricity runnin
around you, the first to reach this was gohan in the cell games.
Super Saiyan stage 3
This stage is the most powerful stage in dbz yr hair grows to yr hips
u have no eye brows. the first to reach this level was goku when
fighting boo.
Super Saiyan stage 4
This level is only in gt, when you turn stage 4 u stay nearly like u
are before the transformation but u grow hair on yr body and u grow a
tail if u dont have yrs any more like goku and vegeta did when they
You reach this stage by looking at a full moon when u have a tail,
and u turn into a big monkey.Your power level gets 10 times more
powerful than a normal saiyans level.